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Jesinta Campbell Spills the Beans on Buddy’s Marriage Proposal

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty

Following the announcement of her engagement to Sydney Swans player Lance “Buddy” Franklin late last year, model Jesinta Campbell appeared on Today this morning to share the deets on how their uniting of souls, aka the proposal, came about.

Jesinta admits that her strapping life-buddy, Buddy, didn’t do things traditionally when asking for her hand in marriage, saying, “There was no one knee.” But rest assured, the romance was very much alive, even without the age-old custom. “It was just very beautiful, the perfect little moment at a special little spot of ours,” she added.

Besides, her hubby-to-be made up for the unbruised knees with astonishing fashion know-how. When Jesinta looked down at her mammoth sparkler on the show, she doted, “He designed it all himself so I was very, very impressed.” Surprised could be a better way to describe the revelation, but, yes, impressive all the same. Well done, Buddy ol’ pal.

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