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Kiddie Spas: They’re Not Just for Toddlers and Tiaras Contestants Anymore


Too young for a treatment?

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What would a 5 year old need with a facial? Apparently a lot, because spas are starting to cater more to that young demographic. The New York Times published a piece highlighting the growing trend of kid-friendly spas, focused on bringing a dash of luxury to young girls and sometimes boys. Day spa options for kids are cropping up all over the country, offering services to pamper your little one – from banana-scented facials to full-on massage sessions.

Treatments like “The Superhero,” a message that includes an aromatherapy spray means to relax the muscles and mani-pedis are just a glimpse at the sort of options these spas usually offer. While some parents frown upon treating children in this manner – after all, spas tend to be more adult territory – the International Spa Association President Lynne McNees thinks of it as instilling good habits into children. If kids start taking care of their skin at a young age, they’ll probably continue doing so as adults, is the rationale.

But any parents looking to treat their kids won’t have to search too far to find service according to the International Spa Association, 25% of spas in the U.S. have options for kids under 13. Four years ago, only 15% offered such services. Clearly, it’s more than just Toddlers and Tiaras contestants getting in on the trend. 

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