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Alexa Chung Sings to Promote Her AG Denim Collaboration

Alexa Chung can sing. Yes, you read that right. Fashion’s resident it-girl not only has great style, but she also sounds pretty good on a track. Chung teamed with to promote her AC for AG denim collaboration and decided to grace us with a little song to drum up excitement for the forthcoming collection in this Gia Coppola-shot video.

Chung is filmed at a party where she takes the mic for a karaoke session (to the great dismay of the other partygoers), set to Stevie Nicks’ Blue Denim. Now, we love Stevie Nicks, but we’re not mad at Chung’s rendition of the tune. Her easygoing, slightly raspy vocals had us bopping our heads along to the cover. Maybe she should consider a recording contract? Perhaps a duet with Cara Delevingne

Listen to Chung for yourself in the video above.

[via MyTheresa]