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39th Avenue, the New Online Personal Stylist Service for Women Who Hate to Shop

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Believe it or not, not every woman loves to shop. There are those of us who can’t be bothered to schlep in and out of stores, others who hate the act of trying things on and yet others who simply don’t have the time. And for this not-so-anomalous group of women, there’s 39th Avenue, the latest online stylist service to launch in Canada.

Founded by Catherine Henry and Elizabeth Killen, 39th Avenue takes the guesswork out of shopping by putting together various outfits and shipping them directly to your door. From there, you have three days to try them on and decide what you want to keep. Return shipping is free, and the company can even arrange to have the shipment picked up from your house or your office if you don’t have time to hit up the closest post office.

The outfit selections are far from arbitrary since upon signing up with the site, you’ll be asked to fill out a detailed survey that will help the 39th Avenue team determine your style, sizes and fit preferences. Then three to four outfits will be selected (though the first box will likely also contain additional sizes just to see how things fit your body). What you keep and what you send back will be tracked and noted, so that 39th Avenue will be able to hone in on your personal style. And the whole endeavour couldn’t be easier — there are no commitments or subscription fees, it just requires a credit card that will be kept on file and charged for any items you don’t return.

“We wanted to create the ultimate shopping experience for today’s active career woman,” the founders said. The clothes are designed and manufactured in Canada by the 39th Avenue team and Catherine, who acts as the creative director, ensures that a commitment to quality is met every step of the way. At the moment, the company caters specifically to work clothes for career women, but it plans to expand to include exclusive designer collaborations in the future.

You can sign up by clicking here.