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Model Cassi van den Dungen Slams Josh Goot over Unpaid Work and Injuries

Cassi van den dungen

Photo: IMAXTree

Australian fashion royalty Josh Goot is under fire from Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 runner-up Cassi Van Den Dungen. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 21-year-old, who has worked for the likes of Alex Perry, Dion Lee and Miu Miu, claims she is still chasing payment for a 2013 job and “will be talking to Fair Work Australia about it”.

Daily Mail Australia posted screenshots of an Instagram post seemingly posted by Cassi on Wednesday, which now appears to be deleted. The screenshot shows an image from Josh Goot’s Resort 2013 lookbook with the caption, “THE BETS ARE ON!!!!! THIS ‘CLIENT’ HASN’T PAID!!!! Who remembers this shoot from 2013?”

But that’s not all. Cassi is saying that she suffered injuries to her foot from the two-day shoot as well, where she shot roughly 100 looks over seven hours per day. “There was no time to waste, I was running between changes,” she explained to Daily Mail Australia.

Josh Goot

“For the first time ever I actually had to stop shooting a few times to take a break because I was in so much pain,” she added. “After the second day shooting I could hardly walk.”

Apparently the pain continued for the mother-of-one, well and truly after the shoot had come to an end. “I had my ankle strapped for three months straight and for another three months on and off to build the strength back up and support it after longs days on my feet,” she said. “Ever since then there has been shoots I’ve had to stop because of pain, especially in those first six months.”

We’re guessing we won’t see Cassi on Josh Goot runways or campaigns any time soon.

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