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Beliebers Send Lara Stone Death Threats Over Calvin Klein Ads

Count on crazed teenyboppers to overreact on the Internet. Especially when it comes to their heartthrobs. Justin Bieber fans the world over freaked out this week when they found out that the object of their desire had been tapped as the new face of Calvin Klein. As they are possibly the only demographic that’s pleased to see this much of the singer with his shirt off, we just assumed they would be happy for the guy and let the campaign rock. But when you see your crush in an embrace with another woman, well, that can sometimes be too much to handle.


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And for a few Beliebers, it was. It seems that while many were down with the campaign, some were not too keen on seeing their collective imaginary boyfriend in a topless embrace with model Lara Stone. A few Beliebers took to social media to offer Stone some death threats.

“I’ll kill that girl,” one @ameliebelieber6 wrote, adding gun and knife emojis so you know she means business. Another wrote, “hi bitch i hate u. touch justins d*** again and ill kill u im not joking.”

On Instagram, a fan says “f***k me,” accompanying their text with an x-symbol emoji and a gun, to express discontent at the photo.

But not all Beliebers are here for the nastiness. One level-headed fan commented on Instagram: “Threatening someone’s life is disturbing… I think it’s disgusting when they all attack one person because your in a photo shoot with them… Your idol has grown up maybe it’s time some of us should as well.”

Clumsily, but well-put.

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