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Chanel Is Suing Shop Jeen for Those Perfume Bottle iPhone Covers

Well, can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Chanel has filed a lawsuit against trendy e-tailer Shop Jeen for its popular iPhone covers, modeled after Chanel’s perfume bottle purse from the brand’s Cruise 2014 collection. 

According to The Fashion Law, Chanel is suing Shop Jeen for violating Chanel’s trademark, counterfeiting, creating serious brand dilution and a host of other legal no-nos. The French fashion house is asking for $2 million for every time the e-tailer used Chanel’s trademark and every unit sold, plus other fees.

It looks like Chanel has a case here. While the covers are very cute, it seems silly to think that emblazoning the word “Chanel” on the back of a non-Chanel item without even attempting to parody or modify the logo would go unnoticed or unchallenged. Chanel accused Shop Jeen of “defrauding of Chanel and the consuming public for the Defendants’ own benefit,” adding that Shop Jeen knew it was wrong but moved units anyway. Chanel also wants Shop Jeen to stop using its trademark altogether for selling non-Chanel goods.

[via The Fashion Law]