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How to Get the Galaxy Hair Color Trend That’s Taking Over the Internet

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You may never make it to Pluto to see frozen red water, but you can at least dye your hair to look like outer space. The amazing new galaxy hair color trend combines jewel tones like blue, purple and turquoise to mirror the same planets and stars we drew in science class. So how does one achieve a hair color that’s literally out of this world?

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To create galaxy hair, first strip your natural hue with bleach then apply each color carefully and blend them into each other, explains Jenny Regec of The Paint Box salon. Go for “multi tonal hair color flowing from blues, purples, greens, sometimes reds as well as silver tones — typically more pigmented and less pastel,” she adds.

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According to Kristi Coleman of Floyd’s salon, the entire process can be quite time-consuming: one recent galaxy hair application took five-and-a-half hours. The upkeep is also arduous as you have to get regular touch-ups so the colors don’t fade. But one look at the #GalaxyHair hashtag on Instagram and you’ll see the extraterrestrial ‘do is totally worth the commitment.

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to give it a try at home, there are loads of galaxy hair tutorials on YouTube.

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