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Scalloped Eyeliner Could Be the Next Big Beauty Trend

Scalloped details: flattering on your swimsuit, not on your eye. So-called bubble eyeliner, which first appeared on Instagram as early as last year, is making a bid for the next big makeup fad. Ostensibly a reaction to the restrictive, mainstream cat eye, this bumpy look is achieved through a tricky, multistep process. 


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First, you use an eye pencil cap dipped in liquid liner to stamp half moon shapes across your lids. Next, fill in each empty oval and voilà, you’ve got yourself a scalloped effect that took far more time and effort to achieve than a classic winged look and, to the passing observer, looks as if you’ve simply botched the latter. With so many fresh eyeliner trends to choose from, we don’t quite understand how bubble eyeliner is gaining traction — and yet it is.


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Makeup artist and YouTube beauty guru Jenny Gonzalez is one of those at the forefront of the movement and while we do admire her creativity and dexterity, the appeal still alludes us.


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Okay, Mariyam Iqbal’s rendering is actually pretty amazing, but it’s apparently quite hard to replicate that perfection. Rimmed eyes, grunge-inspired smudging, colorful wings, stand-alone metallic accents, floating arches, the Korean-inspired puppy look — when it comes to eyeliner techniques, we’ve got a myriad of more easily achieved, flattering options to choose from.


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