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Jessica Chastain Encourages Us to “Lead Like a Woman” in Ralph Lauren’s New Video Campaign

The second video in Ralph Lauren’s #LeadLikeaWoman campaign takes on the myth that successful women don’t support each other. Starring powerful women from different industries, like actress Jessica Chastain, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, chef Dominique Crenn and director Catherine Hardwicke, the video discusses what happens when strong women support strong women.

Chastain, the face of the campaign, has become a feminist icon due to her outspokenness regarding pay equity in Hollywood and being supportive to victims in the #MeToo movement. Last January, fellow actress Octavia Spencer expressed her gratitude to Chastain because she spoke up regarding women of color getting less than white women in the industry, thus Spencer ending up with five times the original salary for their upcoming movie. In the video, Chastain says, “And I know that the more [women] work together, the more we support other women, the more we embrace this wonderful sisterhood. We are going to create a change for the next generation.”

Ralph Lauren’s “Lead Like a Woman” campaign is a three-part video series that started in May. Be sure to keep an eye out for the final release of this impactful video series and support the campaign by using the hashtag #LeadLikeaWoman.

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