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Suzy and Hyun Ji Shin Both Land Covers for Vogue Korea’s June 2020 Issue

It’s not every month you find a fashion magazine endorsing homegrown talent, but Vogue Korea did just that with the unveiling of its June 2020 edition. Since the beginning of the year, the publication has been on our radar following a Rianne Van Rompaey solo cover and a Bella Hadid installment that thrilled us to no end. The magazine’s latest goes to two of the country’s most notable figures: singer Suzy and model Hyun Ji Shin. Both shot by Hyea W. Kang and styled by Eunyoung Sohn, the ladies star on two separate covers with each wearing a look from Christian Dior’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection.

Vogue Korea June 2020 : Suzy & Hyun Ji Shin by Hyea W. Kang


One cover immediately won over our forum members. “Hyun Ji Shin’s cover is soooooo beautiful, high fashion and strong! The other one is forgettable,” said Bertrando3.

“Hyun Ji Shin’s cover is truly magnificent! A striking portrait with a nice and clean layout — that’s all I expect from magazine covers nowadays. And this one looks spectacular. The other cover is lovely, but completely unmemorable and unnecessary,” echoed aracic.

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“Hyun Ji Shin’s cover blows the other one out of the water. Suzy’s is almost laughable in comparison…” voiced vogue28.

Srdjan felt the same way: “Hyun Ji Shin is a stunner!”

“Strange to release two covers when one thoroughly blows the other out of the water. Hyun Ji Shin is one of the best models right now. Very underrated,” declared bluebanter.

“Hyun Ji Shin’s cover, albeit better than Suzy’s, reminds me of an America’s Next Top Model grand finale shoot,” shared MON.

Vogue Korea June 2020 : Suzy & Hyun Ji Shin by Hyea W. Kang


Do you agree with our forum members? Share your thoughts on Vogue Korea’s latest here.

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Florence Pugh Deserves Better Than British ELLE’s ‘Drab and Uninspiring’ June 2020 Cover

We struck gold last month when British ELLE tapped supermodel Claudia Schiffer as its cover subject putting the magazine immediately in our forum members’ good graces. This month we’re presented with Florence Pugh for June 2020 with the star taking to the title’s front cover before the lens of photographer Liz Collins. The Black Widow actress strikes a pose in a ruffled dress from Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection chosen by stylist Aurelia Donaldson.

UK Elle June 2020 : Florence Pugh by Liz Collins


But were our forum members a happy bunch? “Really unflattering cover photo!” called out GERGIN at once.

“Florence is a beauty, but this is so drab and uninspiring,” ForTheImage chimed in.

“Most people don’t have access to a hairdresser, but they do own a hairbrush, which means they’re likely to look better than this cover does,” proclaimed tigerrouge.

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Urban Stylin wasn’t feeling the outcome, either. “She’s beautiful, but that’s a rather basic cover…”

“It’s a pretty cover because Florence is pretty, but the shortness of her arm annoys me,” stated Srdjan.

“Much preferred Florence’s cover of U.S. Vogue as opposed to this and think British ELLE and Liz Collins have produced some very unflattering photos here. The styling is atrocious…” added vogue28.

“Drab and lifeless” was how jal718 described the cover, but do you agree?

Check out Florence’s cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Sandra Oh Looks ‘Magnificent’ on ELLE Canada’s June 2020 Cover

We’re huge advocates for diversity so it pains us to say that Asian faces don’t greet us on newsstands on a regular basis. That’s why everyone was buzzing when Jihyo appeared on Allure just last month. Now ELLE Canada gives its June 2020 cover to Sandra Oh. Following a triumphant and utterly gorgeous appearance on Marie Claire back in 2019, the Killing Eve actress is back on the circuit looking lovely on Canadian ELLE‘s latest wearing a look from Gucci’s Spring 2020 collection selected by Patrick Vimbor for the image captured by photographer Greg Swales.

Elle Canada June 2020 : Sandra Oh by Greg Swales


So were our forum members impressed? “In the time that Sandra’s been a celebrity of note in the U.S., I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a flattering and glamorous shot of her. She looks spectacular on the cover,” applauded KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Oh this is beautiful! A breath of fresh air,” raved MON.

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“Love it! Very elegant,” commented Urban Stylin.

Sharing the same enthusiasm toward the cover was aracic: “Sandra totally pulls it off! She looks magnificent.”

“Finally, a fresh face on magazine covers! And she looks chic from the shoulders up. That dress is too much,” critiqued Benn98.

GERGIN was in the same frame of mind. “The styling was a choice, but Sandra looks great in this photo!”

“Oh wow, this is stunning! I don’t mind the Gucci look one bit because Sandra has the confidence to pull it off,” defended dodencebt.

Are you in love with the cover? See more of Sandra and share your thoughts here.

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Rosalía Makes Her ELLE Debut With Two Summer 2020 Covers

Nina Garcia loves putting musicians on the cover of ELLE. We’ve already encountered the likes of Dua Lipa, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton, Lizzo and others on the cover of the American glossy over the last year. Now it’s Rosalía’s turn with the Spanish songstress starring on a pair of Zoey Grossman-shot covers for the magazine’s special double edition for Summer 2020. For cover one (below), Rosalía sports a floral Collina Strada number picked by Natasha Royt, while on cover two (after the jump) the singer wears a piece from the 4 Moncler Simone Rocha collection.

US Elle Summer 2020 : Rosalia by Zoey Grossman


Members of our forums weren’t exactly jumping for joy over the two covers. “Not the type of outfits I want to see on a newsstand during the hot summer months. Also, not interested in the cover subject,” commented Srdjan.

“Would’ve liked more neck in the second cover, but it’s definitely superior to the floral one. If you zoom in a little, you’ve got yourself an i-D cover!” aracic pointed out.

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“Business as usual for Hearst magazines I see. This is OK,” approved MON.

“I like the photos and I’m pleasantly surprised they chose her since she’s not gotten many covers yet. Maybe three months on newsstands will help boost her profile? As of now, her actual popularity certainly does not match her hype…” said KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Even after Rosalía’s cover appearance on Vogue Spain, I’m still none the wiser as to who she is and have yet to listen to her music. Yet I do understand Rosalía is a rising star and obviously warrants these covers. However, neither of these two covers do it for me. Meh,” added vogue28.

“Finally a magazine that has done her justice; she looked like a corpse on Vogue Spain, it was painful to see,” noted dodencebt.

US Elle Summer 2020 : Rosalia by Zoey Grossman


See more from Rosalía’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Emma Chamberlain Stars on Allure’s June/July 2020 Cover

Michelle Lee certainly has her finger on the pulse when it comes to picking cover subjects for Allure. She made history at the start of 2020 with a Billy Porter cover, gave us the Dixie Chicks for April and welcomed South Korean pop sensation Jihyo just last month. Now YouTube superstar Emma Chamberlain makes her debut on the beauty-focused magazine wearing Louis Vuitton courtesy of Leah Adicoff for Allure’s June/July cover captured by photographer Lindsay Ellary.

Allure June/July 2020 : Emma Chamberlain by Lindsay Ellary


The outcome failed to hit the spot for our forum members, however. “That’s the look we all had on our faces when we were told to stay at home,” pointed out an unimpressed Yohji.

“That is one ugly cover,” called out jal718.

“Why does she look so miserable? Awful, just like her Cosmopolitan cover,” critiqued Srdjan.

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Benn98 was also majorly underwhelmed: “Allure is a beauty magazine, why not go for a beauty vlogger instead? One that isn’t problematic? This is what happens when you hire an editor who has no understanding of the beauty industry. Michelle Lee is running this magazine as if it’s a lifestyle magazine. Beauty first!”

“This magazine is lost!” echoed caioherrero.

“Is this 2010? We’re still putting YouTubers on the covers of major women’s magazines? I don’t wanna see them, I wanna see Barbara Palvin or Candice Swanepoel. Thank god I didn’t renew my Allure subscription!” exclaimed ThickGlossies.

“A quick google search informed me who Emma Chamberlain actually is because I had zero clue otherwise (and evidently I don’t need to). A nonevent of an appearance for me, but it’s a perfectly OK cover image, has an American Vogue quality to it and I’ve certainly seen worse,” defended vogue28.

A hit or miss for Allure? Sound off and share your thoughts here.

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Janelle Monáe Gets Photographed via Zoom for Vanity Fair’s June 2020 Cover

Magazines have been forced to get creative lately since conventional photoshoots are no longer feasible due to social distancing. Vogue opted to print a previously unpublished portrait by Irving Penn for its special double edition, while Vogue Spain served up an illustrated cover in place of a glossy fashion photograph. Now Vanity Fair relies on Zoom to create its June 2020 cover image. Decked out in head-to-toe Chanel, Janelle Monáe was captured at home by Collier Schorr via the video communication service.

Vanity Fair June 2020 : Janelle Monáe by Collier Schorr


But the cover didn’t go over too well on our forums. “Maybe the worst photo of Janelle I’ve seen, primarily because it looks nothing like her. I’m certain she could have taken a better cover photo herself with an iPhone,” declared a disappointed KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Of course the one photographer who had to take a bad shot of Janelle had to be Collier Schorr. And then the audacity of Radhika Jones to print her thumbnail on the cover (yes, I get the point),” voiced Benn98.

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“Oh my god, please remove Collier from that cover immediately. It’s bad enough as it is… Janelle sweetie, I’m so sorry,” said aracic.

Forum member mepps wasn’t feeling it: “Janelle Monáe is beautiful and usually photographs like a dream, but I can’t think of a single interesting thing about her that would justify this cover. That could be said of most cover choices under this new editor, though. The golden days of Vanity Fair are long gone.”

“What has Queen Janelle done to deserve this? I’ll just pretend that this cover never happened,” commented dodencebt.

“Janelle for sure would’ve done a better job by taking simple selfies,” MyConfashion chimed in.

Are you a fan? Share your thoughts on the cover and join the conversation here.