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Bella Hadid Is All Smiles on Vogue Netherlands’ Artsy November 2019 Cover

The month isn’t complete until the Hadid sisters land covers of Vogue. Gigi Hadid is currently on Vogue Germany and now Bella Hadid makes her long-awaited debut on Vogue Netherlands for November 2019 (Gigi already has two covers of the Dutch fashion bible under her belt). Sean Thomas shot the “Dutch Design Issue” cover on location at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with the current face of Calvin Klein, Michael Kors Collection and Missoni decked out in Valentino courtesy of Dimphy den Otter.

Vogue Netherlands November 2019 : Bella Hadid by Sean Thomas


Our forum members were not impressed. “Always here for Miss Bella, but this cover is hideous and easily her worst ever. That smile is beautiful, but everything from lighting to composition to layout is off,” critiqued aracic the moment the cover dropped.

“I bet they wanted to create something original and iconic. But this is an eyesore! That pose on a cover makes no sense and with that dress. Seriously, I wonder how they could choose this as a cover,” declared apple.

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“Could they not afford Juergen Teller? It looks like that was what they were going for,” said russianelf.

Benn98 clearly wasn’t a fan: “I loathe the cover. I find this brand of photography really awful and it’s made worse with that composition. They’re hands down the country with the worst covers across the board — from Glamour to ELLE to Vogue.”

“Zoom in on Bella and that would have been a stunning cover,” noted MON.

“I like that she’s smiling and it looks like an actual smile. Nice change from the frozen face we usually get with Bella,” stated dfl-001.

Check out Bella’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Allure’s November 2019 Cover Starring Sharon Stone Misses the Mark

It’s a pretty rare sight to see a 61-year-old woman greet us on the cover of one of our favorite glossies. So major kudos to Allure for giving us Sharon Stone for November 2019. The beauty-focused publication has opted for some unexpected yet exceptional cover stars of late, including Gemma Chan, Adut Akech, Ashley Graham and Naomi Osaka. Captured by Emma Summerton and styled by Simon Robins, Sharon sports a Proenza Schouler suit over a black lace La Perla bra teamed with a pair of Tod’s brogues on the eye-catching cover.

Allure November 2019 : Sharon Stone by Emma Summerton


The “anti-aging” cover line immediately sparked debate on our forums. “‘The End of Anti-Aging’ and Sharon Stone airbrushed into oblivion,” mocked dodencebt.

“Sharon Stone is a shining example of how cosmetic surgery can work for you in a sympathetic way, enhancing the beauty you already have. She’s also been a brand representative for Galderma, which offers facial fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments. Allure‘s agenda regarding anti-aging has (so far) been very anti-surgery so I’m not sure how this fits in with that stance,” tigerrouge chimed in.

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“She looks great, but that ‘The End of Anti-Aging’ tagline is ridiculous. She’s been worked on like everyone else in Hollywood. Allure needs to stop the nonsense,” mepps scolded.

“They’re pushing ‘The End of Anti-Aging’ yet have dedicated thousands of pages to the topic of anti-aging products and procedures in the past and will undoubtedly do so in the future. This is such a hollow attempt at being woke,” declared lelaid.

“I was excited to see what they would do with her, but the ridiculous Photoshop and the hairstyle ruined it,” said Urban Stylin.

KINGofVERSAILLES agreed: “As beautiful as Sharon is, I think this is a terribly unflattering shot and seems incredibly off-brand for the magazine.”

Are you into Allure‘s latest? Sound off and join the conversation here.

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Birgit Kos Channels Linda Evangelista on Vogue Spain’s Minimalist November 2019 Cover

We’re always down for supermodel sightings on magazine covers and if it’s not Stephanie Seymour or Claudia Schiffer staging a comeback on Vogue Italia, we’re more than willing to settle for the models of today channeling icons from the past. Serving us Linda Evangelista realness, Birgit Kos is back on the cover of Vogue Spain eight months after her last appearance. The Dutch beauty and current face of Tom Ford Beauty sports a cropped hairdo and Bottega Veneta in the minimalist November 2019 cover shot photographed by Camilla Åkrans and styled by Juan Cebrian.

Vogue España November 2019 : Birgit Kos by Camilla Akrans


“I like it, very simple. Is it just me or does she look like Linda Evangelista?” asked jorgepalomo.

“Yeah I agree, that’s the first thing I noticed,” replied FashionMuseDior.

“I agree about Linda Evangelista, it was one of the first things I thought of! I love Birgit and I think this is a great minimalist cover,” applauded Mercury6181.

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“The cover is minimalism done right. No fuss, just simple, to-the-point fashion. Sometimes that’s all some of us need. Not 24/7 Luigi & Iango theatrics,” Benn98 pointed out.

“I do like what I’m seeing here, can appreciate the Linda Evangelista vibes with the short hair on Birgit, the pose, the composition and the overall simplicity of the cover. Less is always more!” declared vogue28.

Srdjan felt the same way: “Loving it! I generally prefer Birgit looking glamorous and feminine, but this is such a great transformation. The combination of colors is so soothing.”

Although not everyone was a fan. “Would have been a nice shot if it had a background, maybe on some city street with red brick buildings or something. Something is weird with her eyes, but nonetheless it’s passable. Could have been so much more, though,” critiqued SLFC.

“This would have worked wonderfully as an outdoor shot and a little bit of autumn sun,” dodencebt chimed in.

Are you a fan? Check out Birgit’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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Abbey Lee Kershaw Rocks Head-to-Toe Saint Laurent on Vogue Russia’s Striking November 2019 Cover

It’s hard to believe that Abbey Lee Kershaw’s last Vogue cover appearance was back in 2015. So we are thrilled to see the Aussie beauty grace Vogue Russia’s latest. We’ve been treated to a strong selection of covers from Russian Vogue over recent months, from Cara Taylor to Imaan Hammam to Kendall Jenner to Grace Elizabeth. For November 2019, Abbey is captured on the streets of New York City wearing head-to-toe Saint Laurent courtesy of Paul Cavaco in the stark and striking shot by Chris Colls.

Vogue Russia November 2019 : Abbey Lee Kershaw by Chris Colls


The majority of our forum members fell head over heels. “Russian Vogue just keeps getting better,” applauded phungnam96.

“Damn, that’s a great use of a Saint Laurent outfit!” praised dodencebt.

“Abbey Lee serving it as always,” raved jorgepalomo.

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“More often than not, I loathe full-length cover images with the subject not looking out toward the reader, but I was immediately a fan of this. It’s different, has a narrative and I do love how the dramatic styling is complemented by Colls’ black and white photography,” voiced vogue28.

But not everyone was into it. “It’s a beautiful shot. But does it work for a cover? Maybe with a stronger layout,” wrote mikel.

Mercury6181 felt the same way: “I like the image a lot, but it’s not the best for a cover shot!”

“I’m beginning to grow a bit tired of the way Colls does his black and white shots. And anyway, this one looks like a preview cover or an ad,” declared Benn98.

Do you side with the majority? Check out some previews of the cover story and join the conversation here.

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Even Vittoria Ceretti Can’t Save Vogue Korea’s ‘Amateur’ November 2019 Cover

Vittoria Ceretti is one of our forum favorites. Whether the Italian beauty is storming the runways during fashion week, gracing covers of Vogue Italia, Vogue China and Vogue Spain or becoming the face of mega brands like Moschino, Chanel and Alexander McQueen, Vittoria continues to impress. So we aren’t at all surprised to see Vittoria make a comeback on the cover of Vogue Korea for November 2019. Photographed by Hyea W. Kang and styled by Kihoh Sohn, Vittoria smolders in the dramatic cover shot sporting smoky eyes and a look from Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2020 collection.

Vogue Korea November 2019 : Vittoria Ceretti by Hyea W. Kang


But our forum members felt the cover was a missed opportunity. “Yikes, this looks so amateur! Like it was taken with an Android. The reflection on her belt, the colors, huge miss for me,” said Benn98.

“All Vittoria does nowadays is save covers from being worse. I like the styling and everything, but that pose does not sit well with me. It looks weird,” called out SLFC.

“What a weird pose. She is giving Quasimodo realness,” mocked djowodjo30.

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“I agree,” replied apple. “There’s this Quasimodo pose because of the arm placement that makes it look like her back plus it resembles the Vogue Paris cover for October 2019. Also her stare is not giving me anything!”

Sharing the same sentiment was vogue28: “I do find it hard to hate on anything with Vittoria Ceretti, but Vogue Korea is pushing the limitations with this! What on earth? It’s not the worst magazine cover I’ve come across, but could’ve undoubtedly been better. I absolutely loathe the gradient masthead and the minuscule text.”

“I am not a fan of this cover. The only good thing is Vittoria, who at least adds some emotion to it,” defended Mercury6181.

Bertrando3 disagreed with the majority. “This is the first time I actually enjoy Vittoria on a Vogue cover. I like this, it’s dark, powerful and edgy. Besides the great hair and makeup, I love the pose, too.”

Are you a fan? Await more from the issue and join the conversation here.

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Regina King Stuns on Marie Claire’s Refreshing November 2019 Cover

Anne Fulenwider has revitalized American Marie Claire by consistently delivering great covers. In 2019 alone we’ve fawned over covers featuring Penélope Cruz, Sandra Oh, Charlize Theron, Tessa Thompson, Missy Elliott and Cara Delevingne — and the year’s not over yet! For November 2019, Regina King makes her debut on the magazine. Photographed by Thomas Whiteside on location in Los Angeles, the star of HBO’s upcoming Watchmen TV series looks utterly stunning in the engaging cover shot wearing a white Gabriela Hearst dress and Bulgari jewelry picked by Memsor Kamarake.

US Marie Claire November 2019 : Regina King by Thomas Whiteside


The cover impressed our forum members. “Stunning! She is such an amazing woman!” raved mikel the moment the cover dropped.

“She looks stunning and regal!” applauded FashionMuseDior.

“It’s about time she got a cover,” said a delighted violet100.

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In the same frame of mind was vogue28: “Ultra refreshing to see Regina King on the cover of a mainstream fashion glossy and it’s an added bonus that the outcome is just so fab. The cover is gorgeous, extremely engaging and well executed. I love everything from the poised cover shot to the colors and the monochromatic masthead and text.”

“It’s stunning!” declared Lola701.

But not everyone absolutely loved the cover. “What a refreshing choice! Very keen to read her feature, but the cover image isn’t the best,” wrote Benn98.

See more from Regina’s cover story and share your thoughts here.