The Olsen Twins and Sarah Jessica Parker Don’t Win Any Awards at CFDA

The Olsen Twins and model Sasha Pivovarova look weighed down with those robes. Their limp hair is as lifeless as their conservative dresses, which recall both Victorian mourning clothing and graduation gowns.

Their raccoon eyes could take a cue from Pivovarova’s natural make-up, but her turn-of-the-millenium spaghetti strap tank top is just as condemnable. 

Jessica Biel’s loud orange-and-green dress draws from a vomit-inspired color pallette.

The breezy butterfly sleeves, chandelier earrings, and flippy hair are far out – way too far out.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress might even be louder than Biel’s. The tacky butterfly print vies for attention with her sad-clown make-up and witchy hair.

Anna Wintour may be one of the most respected women in fashion, but her silly sunglasses and uninteresting flowered dress are duds.