Liam Gallagher and Pretty Green Ally at Copenhagen FW

The brand Pretty Green is built on a team of industry professionals who capture and reflect the style of Liam Gallager, the lead singer of Oasis.
The one-year-old brand just showed their S/S 2011 collection at Copenhagen Fashion week.
The collection is divided into two labels, the Green label and the Black label.
The Pretty Green´s "Green" label is a casual collection that reflects Liam´s progressive design influence, which is classic and relaxed. It represents a cool, classic, and signature British look.

Pretty Green´s "Black" label collection, on the other hand, represents the more rock and roll musician attitude. It is reflected by Liam´s personal style and vision.

It almost makes one think of the story about Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Pretty Green is truly representing Liam’s personality of rock versus casual, but also music versus fashion.

TFS got a glimpse of the arrogant Brit, as he entered the CPH fashion fair today.
Check out Pretty Green’s collection at www.prettygreen.com
Photo courtesy of Pia Schellerup.