Kim Kardashian Channels Elizabeth Taylor for Harper’s Bazaar

Kim Kardashian in Harper's Bazaar


This may sound harsh, but wouldn’t you assume that film (and jewelry!) icon Elizabeth Taylor would be offended if Harper’s Bazaar approached her with the idea of featuring her in the magazine via an interview conducted by reality star Kim Kardashian? Worse yet, would you ever imagine that the acting legend would be flattered by Kim K channeling her version of Cleopatra? I mean, if Jennifer Aniston received flack for imitating Barbara Streisand, and Lindsay Lohan (pre theft and all those other charges) was mocked for her take on Marilyn Monroe, what are we to make of this oddball pairing?

Celebrities imitating other celebrities in print almost always fall flat; the exception being when they take a comedic route like we saw with Michael Musto as Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe. Supposedly, Elizabeth Taylor is Kim Kardashian’s idol – funny I would have picked her idol as someone more like Jennifer Lopez who has built an empire with lots of hard work, but when it comes down to it, not all that much talent. Plus, if Lopez’s recent campaigns, which include everything from L’Oreal and Gillette to Gucci, are any indication, just like Kim K, the momma of two will endorse any product as long as it pays.

Kim Kardashian in Harper's Bazaar

All that aside, how did Kardashian do with her interview? Unsurprisingly, nothing too earth shattering was revealed and it included inane questions like: “For this story, we were inspired by Cleopatra. What’s your advice on how to be a queen?” and “You are my idol. But I’m six husbands and some big jewels behind. What should I do?” That said, it was cute enough to be entertaining and there are some interesting tidbits about Taylor’s enviable jewelry arsenal.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot:

The March issue of Harper’s Bazaar hits newsstands February 22.


Photo credit: Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar.