The Best On-Screen Kisses of All Time

With Rimmel introducing its new kiss-proof Provocalips lip colour, we were inspired to look back on some of our favourite movie kisses of all time. These famous pecks have made us cover our eyes in disgust as kids, swoon as teens and…given us something to fantasize about as adults. Like Provocalips, these kisses stand the test of time and, thanks to YouTube, can be enjoyed again and again (on occasion, with a tub of ice cream).

After witnessing all this lovey-dovey behavior, you may start fantasizing about the celeb you’d most like to kiss. Rimmel London wants to know which five stars you’d pucker up for as part of the Provocalips launch campaign, and the brand is giving away daily ASOS vouchers to people who want to kiss and tell. Post your Celebrity Kiss List by clicking here.

So lean in, pucker up and relive 10 of the most iconic silver screen smooches of all time.

The Princess Bride – Westley + Princess Buttercup

This one’s a classic fairy tale kiss: The peasant boy spends the whole movie rescuing the beautiful princess and, when he finally succeeds, plants one on her in the sunset. As the narrator extols in the closing scene of Rob Reiner’s cult swashbuckling comedy, “Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.” We’ll see your top five, Mr. Reiner, and raise you five more.

Spider-Man – Peter Parker + Mary Jane

This 2002 smooch put a modern spin (literally) on the damsel-in-distress kiss. The sheer number of parodies of the upside-down kiss in the rain between Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane — most memorably between Seth and Summer on The O.C. — is a testament to how unique and unforgettable a canoodle it was. 

Titanic – Jack + Rose

It’s a tough call just which kiss from Titanic tops them all — the infamous, “I’m flying, Jack!” kiss at the bow of the ship, the steamy make-out in the car, the fervent pecks while Leonardo DiCaprio clutches Kate Winslet’s face and says, “You’re so stupid, Rose!” or the tear-jerker lip-lock on the staircase at the very end. Whatever your favorite, the fact that one film has so many contenders (and so many Leo lip-locks) puts it firmly on this list.