25 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed with Their Pets

Ryan Gosling and his dog George on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon; Image: Getty

Ryan Gosling and his dog George on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; Image: Getty

There’s only one thing more adorable than Ryan Gosling: Ryan Gosling and his lovable BFFL George. For the last couple years, the paps have been capturing their love fest from coast to coast. Who hasn’t seen that now infamous shot of the actor cradling his furry friend up an escalator? How about the one where he’s taking photos of Georgie Boy on the sidewalk with a vintage camera? “He’s more interesting than I am,” the actor said to Jimmy Fallon, while making an appearance on the TV host’s show back in 2011— with his dog, of course.

These two starry-eyed knuckleheads aren’t the only ones who are head over heels for each other. We’ve rounded up 25 sweet pics of celebrities and their pets that’ll turn you into mush, from Miley Cyrus’ piglet to Taylor Swift’s kitten.