10 Model Couples That Make Us Nostalgic for the 90s

We had two very important hobbies in the 90s. On Tuesday nights, we guzzled Crystal Pepsi (it’s Pepsi, but clear!) with our posse, while crimping each other’s hair and watching Brenda lose her virginity to Dylan during the “Spring Dance” episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. The rest of the week, we were loitering outside the local Rite Aid in coordinating velvet chokers, thumbing through a stack of rag mags to see which of our favorite models snagged the hottest thing in Tinseltown. Remember Axl Rose festival hopping with Stephanie Seymour in a faded do-rag because, well, he was still cool? Those were the good old days.

If you’re pining for the 90s like us, we’ve rounded up 10 model couples that’ll bring you back to the time when you were proud to wear banana clips.

Images: Getty