Instagram Queen Kendall Jenner’s 10 Most-Liked Photos

Kendall Jenner just broke older sister Kim Kardashian‘s record for the most likes on Instagram. That famous image of Kim and Kanye sharing a kiss on their wedding day has been dethroned as Instagram’s most popular photo thanks to Kendall, whose hair arranged in heart shapes apparently is more compelling than her older sister getting married. And it didn’t even take Kendall four days to get the image just right. Compare Kim’s 2.4 million likes to Kendall’s 2.6 million. Sibling rivalry aside, it’s a testament to the sheer power of the Kardashian-Jenner fame machine, which now has one of its youngest members reaching milestones in social media. 

At this rate, we have little doubt that Kendall will break other Instagram records — and she’s got the likes to prove it. We rounded up some of her most-liked Instagram posts, which prove she’s well on her way to Kim levels of social media domination.