Watch: Ashley Graham Talks Marriage, Body Confidence and Aliens (Natch)

Image: Vogue via YouTube

Ashley Graham: author, lingerie designer, alien aficionado; Image: Vogue

The day before newly minted Vogue cover star Ashley Graham became the first plus-size model to walk in a Michael Kors show, she welcomed the honey-voiced Joe Sabia into her home for a round of 73 Questions. (Though, to tell the truth, she dodged quite a few of them.)

In the video, Graham leaves it to viewers to tally exactly how many covers she’s graced. She won’t tell us the craziest thing she’s ever done — “if she did, she’d have to kill [us].” That said, Graham does promise to divulge all in her book A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like, out May 9. #Marketing.

Still, bombshells are dropped. Graham dishes on her morning routine (pressing snooze, avocado toast and eggs-over-easy), her go-to beauty products (rose water, Pillowtalk by Charlotte Tilbury, any Chloé fragrance) and her fashion pet peeve (VPL). The supermodel also talks aliens, spirit animals, first kisses and couples’ Halloween costumes. (Yeah, it’s a wild ride.) Graham being Graham, she answers (almost) every style-related question with a body confidence pep talk. Standout quotes include “curvy girls can pull off any look — it’s what we do” and “rock your confidence.” This is why we love her.

By the way, this all goes down as Graham preps for the Coach 1941 Fall 2017 presentation — her final outfit is a white sweater with cutout shoulders, leather leggings and a varsity jacket, because Coach.

Watch the full clip below.