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Selena Gomez Gets Personal, Sings Her Favorite Cheesy Jingle for Vogue’s 73 Questions

Image: Vogue

Image: Vogue

To be quite frank, Vogue cover girl Selena Gomez’s requisite “73 Questions” interview, out today, is far less scintillating than her cover story, in which the ever-candid Instagram star speaks of growing up poor in Texas, her onstage insecurities, her recent visit to rehab and her general mental health journey. However, the clip is not without its moments. At one point, Selena busts her go-to dance move. At another, she belts out her favorite cheesy commercial jingle.

Perhaps in a nod to the actress’ Disney past, Vogue amps up its augmented reality game. As she and Joe Sabia lounge about the living area, enjoying some “royalty-free” elevator music, Selena mimes spray-painting a frog smoking a cigar. Vogue’s production team fills in the blank. It’s pretty darn cute.

Other visual highlights include Selena’s quietly artistic ensemble (a red cut-out sweater by Victor Glemaud paired with Edun denim culottes) and her sun-bathed, impeccably decorated Airbnb (located in California’s gorgeous San Fernando Valley).

To be fair, some of Selena’s answers to Vogue’s signature questions do come as a surprise. “Go ahead and do it ’cause you’re gonna do it anyway” is the advice she’d give her 15-year-old self. Her spirit animal? Hollywood leading lady (turned meme) Meryl Streep. Her most cherished material possession? “My jewelry,” states Selena, adding fuel to the rumors that she’s starting a namesake jewelry line sometime in the near future. (According to TMZ, the pop star recently filed paperwork to trademark her name for such a purpose.)

Watch the full clip below.

[ via Vogue ]