10 Celebs Who Had No Problem Wearing Leggings on an Airplane

On Sunday March 26, activist Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, witnessed a United Airlines gate agent prevent two teen girls from boarding a flight based on what they were wearing. Had they shown up barefoot? In T-shirts emblazoned with racist slogans? Nope, the young ladies were wearing what just about every rational, self-loving female wears when faced with the prospect of a cramped, prolonged aerial journey — leggings. Sadly for United, an indignant Watts decided to share the airline’s seemingly arbitrary and sexist dress code with her ample Twitter following.

Celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Patricia Arquette and Sarah Silverman mirrored Watts’ incredulity. Teigen noted that (unsurprisingly) no United agent has ever questioned her choice of airport attire, in spite of the fact that leggings fit Teigen a lot differently than they do most teen girls/humans.

Meanwhile, the poor soul running United’s Twitter attempted to save face. Apparently, the teens in question were “pass riders,” related to United Airlines employees, flying for free and therefore subject to a more stringent dress code than paying fliers, as they’re ambassadors for the airline. In principle, we understand. Still, these were 10-year-olds. Wearing leggings. The true PR debacle resulted not from their attire, but from United’s sexist treatment of its employee’s children.

We think United messed up on two counts: the first being its outdated, gendered dress code, the second being the fact that it commanded the news cycle (and the energies of four very talented, influential women) at a time when we’ve all got much bigger fish to fry. So that you may walk away from this article having learned some sort of useful sartorial lesson, click through the slideshow above for 10 times celebrities killed the whole leggings-as-airport-clothes look. Disclaimer: They’re not their usual, high-shine selves — making their styling tips all the more transferrable.

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