Watch: Kendall Jenner Does Her Best Marilyn Monroe Impersonation for Love Magazine

Introducing the latest chapter in Katie Grand and Kendall Jenner’s long-standing Love affair: a video in which the latter channels America’s eternal (tragic) sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe. In the Rankin-lensed short, the one-time Love photographer lip syncs to Monroe’s greatest hits whilst modeling provocative retro looks, the most notable being a cutout Miu Miu bodysuit paired with a diamond tiara, diamonds being a girl’s best friend and all. Jenner’s Marilyn-esque red lip comes courtesy of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge; her ringlets are the work of hairstylist Samantha Hillerby.

While YouTube viewers were quick to note that Grand could’ve chosen a curvier model to channel the voluptuous actress, we think Jenner does a pretty solid Marilyn impersonation (although no one lip syncs “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” quite like Nicole Kidman). If anything, the video is a testament to how far Jenner has come since her 2014 audiovisual Love debut. (Remember the awkward, reserved girl who jerked around to Katy Perry’s “California Girls”? Neither do we.)

Watch the full clip below.