Watch: This Sophia Amoruso-Inspired Series Is Your Next Netflix Binge

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix

Here’s some Nasty Gal-related news that will have you smiling (for a change). April 21 marks the debut of Netflix’s Girlboss, a new series “loosely” based on Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso’s best-selling autobiography of the same name. Written and co-executive produced by Pitch Perfect’s Kay Cannon (whose co-execs include Charlize Theron and Amoruso herself), the 13-episode comedy series is pretty much guaranteed to deliver laughs — and life lessons.

When we first meet Sophia, played by Britt Robertson, she’s a broke twentysomething making a living flipping vintage thrift store finds on eBay (and dumpster-diving when ends fail to meet). The series follows Sophia as she grows her reselling business into a veritable fashion empire (and reaches millionaire status, all before the age of 30). Needless to say, there’s tons of drama, youth and stress-induced breakdowns, and business hiccups in between.

While Amoruso’s rep as a badass girl boss is not quite what it used to be (see: her recent exit from Nasty Gal and the various employee complaints that preceded it), her rags-to-riches tale is still pretty darn inspiring. Based on the trailer, Girlboss looks to be a fun, fashion-filled watch with a feminist angle. What’s not to love?

Watch the full clip below.

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