Beyoncé Shares Heartwarming Family Moments in Her New ‘Die With You’ Video

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Yesterday afternoon, in celebration of her and Jay Z’s ninth anniversary, Beyoncé took to Instagram to share a surprise home-footage-style video set to a new studio version of her love ballad “Die With You.” (The full video, along with a Bey-curated playlist, can be found on Tidal — guess her anniversary gift to Jay was a new wave of subscribers.)

Beyonce’s latest world-stopping video features some never-before-seen, heart-melting footage of the Carter-Knowles clan. In one clip, Bey and Jay lounge poolside, cheesin’. Jay kisses her hand. We see the couple getting their matching IV wedding tats. We see them taking their first steps as man and wife (on a related note, we finally get an extended, full-length view of Bey’s custom Tina Knowles wedding gown). We see Jay Z and Blue Ivy horsing around the living room. We see Blue kissing her mama’s bared baby bump, leaving a trail of lipstick prints in her wake. Contrary to what reality TV producers would have you believe, drama-free, familial bliss Beyoncé is just as captivating as vengeful, Louisville slugger-wielding Beyoncé.

Check out Bey’s post below, then head over to Tidal if you’re dedicated enough to subscribe and watch the full vid. 


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