Katy Perry Finally Squashed Her Beef with Taylor Swift

letting go, letting God

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In the course of her weekend-long, no-holds-barred “Witness World Wide” livestream, Katy Perry spoke on several hard-hitting issues: past drinking problems, suicidal thoughts, the healing power of forgiveness, and more.

During a sit-down with Ariana Huffington — part of an interview for the media mogul’s Thrive Global Podcast — Perry discussed her epic feud with Taylor Swift (a recurring topic during her Witness press tour, despite its seeming staleness). Huffington asked whether Perry was ready to finally “let it go.” Perry’s answer was a resounding yes. Pop fans the world over breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“I’m ready to let it go. Absolutely, 100 percent. I forgive her, and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her, and I think it’s actually … I think it’s time,” said Perry, who as recently as her May 22 Carpool Karaoke appearance was still calling for a formal apology from Swift.

“There are bigger fish to fry, and there are bigger problems in the world,” Perry continued. “I love her and I want the best for her, and I think she’s a fantastic songwriter, and like, I think that if we both, her and I, can be representatives of strong women that come together despite their differences, I think the whole world is going to go, like, ‘Yeah, we can do this.’ Maybe I don’t agree with everything she does, and maybe she doesn’t agree with everything I do, but like, I just…I really, truly, want to come together, and in a place of love and forgiveness, and understanding and compassion. God bless her on her journey. I want to operate in a positive, kind space. I want to be an example of kindness, compassion, love, and I forgive and forget.”

Of course, being the first to apologize is never easy. “That wasn’t easy for me. I think everybody knows that wasn’t easy for me,” Perry concluded. “But it’s fine. I want to let it go. I really want the best for every person.”

Swift has yet to respond (via Notes screenshot or otherwise). Catch the tail end of Perry’s marketing experiment below.

[ via Cosmopolitan ]