Here’s How Your Favorite Celebs Fêted Father’s Day

Father’s Day came yesterday and with it a flood of expertly filtered Instagram posts showing celebrities and their offspring (or, in John Legend’s case, partners) doing cute things like biking (Mark Ruffalo), horsing around outside of IHOP (Kaia Gerber) and fist bumping over a table of Italian delicacies (Gigi Hadid). Then there were those like Madonna and Caitlyn Jenner, who reminded their followers that family structures are complex things. But it’s Rashida Jones and Lena Dunham’s posts that truly had us on the verge of tears. Under a nostalgic picture of her dad (Quincy Delight Jones, Jr.), Jones penned a tribute to the innocent black men who’ve fallen victim to police brutality and, unlike her dad, will not get to see their children grow up. Dunham shared a blurry iPhone snap of her father Carroll Dunham watching over her in the ER and let everyone know that it was he who nursed her back to health after her recent endometriosis flare-up.

Unfortunately, Beyoncé did not surface to publicly thank Jay Z, father to her three(!) children (two girls, one boy).

Don’t worry, Queen Bey will be back in action soon enough. In the meantime, scroll down to see how your (other) favorite celebs fêted Father’s Day.

Bella Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Kim Kardashian

Happy Fathers Day! Thank you for being such a good dad to our babies!

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Happy Fathers Day

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Michelle Obama

Kaia Gerber

never too big. happy father’s day

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Cindy Crawford

One more from my wedding day — with my dad! Happy Father’s Day!

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Mark Ruffalo

Happy #FathersDay to all my fellow father figures around the world. Grateful.

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Caitlyn Jenner

Good day at the Father’s Day car show on Rodeo Drive with my girls. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

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Rashida Jones

Olivia Wilde

Chrissy Teigen

Successfully surprised John with a secret trip to see him in Boston 🙂 gift level 10/10

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Yara Shahidi

Victoria Beckham

The best daddy in the world!!! We all love u so,so much X kisses from us all x

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Emily Ratajkowski

Amy Schumer


Lena Dunham

This may look like a blurry shitty iPhone pic but here’s what it actually is: an image of my father on his zillionth ER trip of the year with me last month, checking to make sure no one came into the room who didn’t need to. This man has been with me day and night: as I slept after surgery, as I was wheeled into an MRI, as I lay abject and feeling sorry for myself. He made friends with every nurse. When I got home he blended banana shakes when I wouldn’t eat, woke me up with my meds at 3am and made me laugh every day. He gave up his own busy life to make sure I could return to mine. I’m healthy and safe because of his unyielding love. On this Father’s Day I want to celebrate all the men who defy the signals culture sends them and nurture, nurture, nurture. I love you Papa. You’re my best friend.

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Justin Timberlake