Watch: Gigi Hadid Is Adorably Indecisive in Her New “This or That” Video for Reebok

Image: Reebok

Gigi Hadid, lover of all things, equally; Image: Reebok

Like Socrates before her, Gigi Hadid knows that the answers to even the simplest of life’s questions can’t be boiled down to “this” or “that.” Still, in her latest promotional video for Reebok, the model, looking beautiful as ever and fully decked out in Reebok, attempts to deal in binaries. Certain hard-hitting questions — like “bikini or one-piece?” and “lake house or beach house?” — leave her stumped. Others — “worn-in kicks or fresh out of the box?” and “ice cream or popsicles?” — are more easily navigated. (Spoiler alert: If you want to get on Gigi Hadid’s good side, offer her a scoop of mint chocolate chip.)

Watch the full clip below. Zayn, we hope you’re taking notes.

[ via WWD ]