Watch Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner’s Carpool Karaoke (and Wish They Were Your Real-Life BFFs)

Like winter on the fictional continent of Westeros, Apple’s full Game of Thrones-themed episode is here. In it, the Stark sisters, aka Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, reunite in Austin, Texas for a GOT South by Southwest panel. While en route to their fans, the noblewomen grace our world with spot-on impressions of the late, great Ned Stark. (You absolutely must see Maisie and Sophie do Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” in a thick Yorkshire accent.)

When they’re not channeling their dearly departed dad (or Sharon Osbourne, the inspiration behind Maisie’s first acting role), the duo runs through soulful — there are actual tears — renditions of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” Britney Spears’ “My Prerogative,” Frank Ocean’s “Self Control” and Justin Bieber’s “I’m Sorry.” Spoiler alert: The North (or at least Maisie) does forget some things, like the lyrics to the most inescapable song of 2015. We suppose a girl was busy memorizing other lines.

Ready to hang with two of your favorite GOT stars for a quarter of the length of an episode? Click the link below and prepare to laugh, cry…and sign up for a free three-month trial subscription for Apple Music. (Hey, you’re in corporate America, not the Seven Kingdoms.) Otherwise, glean what you can from the two preview clips above.

Watch the full segment here.