All the Crazy, Cool and Downright Spooky Costumes Celebs Wore for Halloween 2019

Bats, witches and vampires? More like queens, scary clowns and celebs dressing up as other stars. Celebs really went all out for Halloween this year. They brought their spooky A games complete with tricks and treats.

Our favorites? Nina Dobrev and friend recreating Gigi Hadid’s superhero effort to get rid of that now infamous Chanel runway crasher. Halsey made for a rather convincing Marilyn Manson and Ciara and Russell Wilson’s shout-out to another power couple was pretty perfect. Wondering why glitter is suddenly so hard to come by? Heidi Klum’s flashy costume might have something to do with it.

Check out the slideshow above to see the best celebrity Halloween costumes of the year.