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All information submitted to The Fashion Spot Forums (stories, articles, etc.) must be from a credible source (newspaper, online magazine, fashion magazine, books, photo agency, model agencies, etc.). Gossip is hearsay and these forums are provided for our member to discuss credible information. Therefore, we ask our members to have reliable sources for any information that they contribute to the discussions.

The Fashion Spot Forums cannot and will not be held responsible for the content in these forums. The Fashion Spot Forums cannot and will not be held responsible for any slanderous remarks made by any member. The staff (admin, mod team leaders and moderators) cannot and will not be held responsible for any posts, the content in the posts and any unreliable information submitted to these forums by members of The Fashion Spot Forums.

We assume no responsibility to monitor the Websites but may do so at our discretion. Member posted content may be removed from the Websites at any time without prior notice.

The Fashion Spot Forums also reserves the right to amend any rules at any time and with regard to any subject.

The Responsibilities of a Fashion Spot Forums (tFS) Member:

  1. Be respectful. It’s perfectly fine to disagree with others as long as it is done respectfully and maturely, but do not attack other members in your posts or comments. Name-calling or harassment of other members is absolutely not tolerated here and may result in suspension.
  2. If you have a problem with a post or a member here, please do not deal with it in the threads. Please send them an e-mail or a Private Message (PM) to discuss the matter. Or, if you do not feel comfortable with this, contact a Moderator to help resolve or mediate the matter.
  3. Please remember to provide the source for every image or news story you share with us here. Journalists and photographers deserve credit for their work, just as those who take the time to scan. We want to continue to enjoy news stories and images and do not want to be prohibited from doing so. For further information regarding how to properly credit images and news stories, please see here.
  4. Reference to other sites is required when crediting the members of another forum or a blog for a news story, an image or an announcement, etc. However, links to other forums and blogs are not permitted and will be automatically removed without discussion by Moderators.
  5. Please refrain from posting images of minors, especially children of celebrities. Such pictures will be removed, to protect the minor.
  6. Also, please refrain from posting images taken from “private” social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.). If you have to be a “friend” to see the pictures, then please respect that person’s privacy by not posting their private photos.
  7. We encourage you to contribute information and/or pictures and to participate in meaningful conversation. Please refrain from “power posting” or making repeated “empty posts”. New posts trigger subscription emails which can become a nuisance for other members if the posts are frequent but don't contribute to the discussion in any way. Please consider other members before you post. Please use our karma feature, profile comments or personal messages instead.
  8. Before posting an image, please review the last few pages (at least 5 to 10) of the thread, to make sure it’s not a repost.
  9. This is a Fashion discussion forum; please remember to stay on topic in those threads that are dedicated to fashion and style.

The following are not permitted in any shape or form at tFS, and are grounds for a formal warning, suspension or a permanent ban:

  1. Rudeness or disrespect directed at other members and their opinions is not tolerated.
  2. Profanity and/or coarse language and offensive images are prohibited. If you see a comment made by a member in another language that includes swearing, or swearing is part of their signature or user name, please report it to a Moderator.
  3. The main language here is English (not slang). Whole posts or conversations in other languages, which are not teamed with translations, hinder moderation and make it difficult for members to understand and, therefore, are prohibited.
  4. Absolutely no discussions about politics are allowed. We all come from different parts of the world with varying liberal and conservative views. Members may not discuss the programs and work of heads of states or national/international policies. Any offensive comments made about people of various nationalities, ethnicities, religious affiliations are strictly prohibited.
  5. Absolutely no advertisements, chain letters, spam, promotional material and links to such material are not allowed. Members may not promote their own businesses, blogs, web sites, etc. in our threads. To learn the specifics about this, please review this Announcement:
  6. Soliciting members to sell or purchase anything is strictly prohibited … even personal and/or fashion related items. This is a discussion forum. Please note: The “Shop ‘Til You Drop” forum has a thread for eBay and other auction sites and it is the only exception to this rule. All sales posted in this thread must take place via the auction site and not via tFS. For specific rules see the first post of the thread.
  7. Pornography is not permitted.
  8. Weight talk is not permitted.
  9. Drug talk is not permitted.
  10. Medical advice (including discussion of weight loss diets) is not permitted.
  11. Continual negative comments about models or celebrities will be regarded as trying to start a flame war and as such is grounds for a warning.
  12. Each member may only have one account. Do not share your account with anyone else …you may invite them to join, instead (see the Member Support forum to learn how). If you have forgotten your password or login information, please go here: or use the “Contact Us”link at the bottom of any forum page to contact an Administrator. Do not create a new account.

Before posting, please consider the following:

  1. Before starting a new thread, search for your topic to ensure that there is not already a pre-existing thread. (see "Tips … How to Search", below). Mod Team Leaders and Moderators of tFS have the right to delete or merge duplicate threads. If starting a new thread, please post a title that accurately reflects the contents and information within the thread, using easily searched keywords.
  2. Do not post in caps. In message board language it is considered yelling, and as such, rude and offensive. If a thread title or post is typed in caps, it may be edited or deleted at a moderator's discretion.
  3. Please think about how you use font sizes and colors. It can easily be overdone, distracting and hard to read. Posts made in this manner may be edited or deleted at a Moderator's discretion.
  4. Do not post pictures that are too large. Also, take care to post multiple images so that they can be seen without scrolling horizontally. Pictures wider than 800 pixels should be attached or posted as thumbnails … or reduced in size, rather than posting full size. If you are posting a series of images, please make sure to place a space between each image, so our system can automatically arrange them to fit the page properly.
  5. If you are quoting another member's post and the post has a picture in it, please edit out the image before submitting your reply. “Quoting” an image (posting it again in your quote) takes up space on our server and also drains the bandwidth of the web site from which the image has been taken.
  6. Additional Rules: Before posting, please read the individual forum rules, which can be found in pinned threads at the top of the various forums. Also, look for thread rules when there is a notice to see Post #1 in the thread title, before posting in that thread.
  7. Changes in Rules/Clarification of Rules: From time to time, rules are amended or added, and announcements will be made about the rules in the Announcements Forum. All members are expected to review the announcements and stay updated.

Tips … How to Search: When using the forum search function, you may find it useful to check the box "Search Titles Only" to limit your search results to the most applicable ones. Also, please note that the forum search function will not search for words shorter than four characters. For this reason, we also have a Google Custom Search box at the bottom of each forum page. The Google Search feature will help when searching for short words, abbreviations, and whole phrases.


Signatures are limited to a maximum of 2 lines of standard font text. Large font text should not be used in signatures. There is to be no swearing or graphic language used in a signature. Advertising or commercial links are not allowed. Please do not use smiles in your signature. They are distracting and inappropriate.


Avatars should not be an offensive or graphic image of a sexual or crass nature — which is up to the discretion of the Moderators. Avatars should not be commercial logos. Such images used as avatars may result in having the avatar removed.

If you need help:

Please do not start a thread or post in a thread, asking how to post a picture or change your avatar, etc. We have a Member Support Forum found at the bottom of the Index page where members can go for help and support:

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ’s are found here:

The process we follow if members fail to follow the Community Rules:

Members should note that tFS runs on an automated reminder and warning system.

A “Reminder” has no points and is given to allow members to familiarize themselves with the Community Rules, without any penalty.

However, if a member has repeated violations of the rules after receiving one or more “Reminders” or commits a more serious violation, it will be addressed by a “Formal Warning”. When members have had 2 “Formal Warnings”, their membership privileges may be suspended for a period of up to 3 months on the next violation. Upon their return to tFS after a temporary ban, a violation of any rule, at any time in the future, may result in a permanent ban.

Members’ first 2 “Formal Warnings” are active for 6 months. So with good behavior, they will start to fall off and no longer count towards a temporary suspension and/or a permanent ban. See note below. *

However, if a temporarily banned/suspended member chooses to come back after his/her first ban/suspension, the next violation (any type; indefinitely) may result in a ban that is permanent.

* Please note: Formal warnings, suspension and banning will take place if members fail to follow tFS Community Rules. The Fashion Spot reserves the right to suspend/ban any member for breaking any of the community rules and sometimes, in extreme cases, without formal warnings.