Fashion News


The impracticalities of fashion were, once again, made abundantly clear to me this week.  The only difference in this instance was that I couldn’t blame one of the “usual suspects”.  Because this wasn’t a case of taking a tumble due to vertiginous heels, or feeling bloated and uncomfortable courtesy of a pair of skinny jeans.  No, this time nemesis appeared in the shape of a pair of fingerless gloves. 

Heart breakingly beautiful, in chocolate hued butter soft suede, they had called out to me when I first saw them in an editorial several years ago.  Undeterred by cost (they were from Prada) I began my quest.  And, after a search worthy of some great Victorian explorer or knight of old, they were mine. 


But within a relatively short amount of time I discovered one, tiny little problem; namely that there’s virtually no weather scenario that allows you to comfortably wear a pair of suede fingerless gloves.  Rain or snow will stain the delicate fabric.  It’s too warm to wear them in the summer yet any kind of chill in the air causes ones fingers to start to go numb.  Hiding behind a relatively practical façade they were meant to be photographed, not worn.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop trying…