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There has been so much hype surrounding the opening of the first U.S. Topshop that comes as little surprise that the costs for all the pre-opening events and promotions are being estimated, by Fashion Week Daily, to be more than $1.8 million.
The Daily has kept track a total of nine photo galleries with a total of 885 photos on, which include two shopping cocktail parties at the Topshop store, two private dinners, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and an after-party.  
They have broken down the costs as follows…
Travel costs including private jets, rental fees, airport charges, and crew services equaled $250,000 for Topshop scion Sir Phillip Green and Kate Moss. Then there was another $40,000 for the staff to fly in. Simon Cowell and Emma Roberts were flown in from Los Angeles for about $1,600.
There were also outfits, car services, and appearance fees for the likes of Blake Lively, Leigh Lezark, Zach Braff, Theodora Richards, Rosario Dawson, and Debbie Harry. A performance by Hudson is rumored to have cost between $150,000 and $250,000, and it cost $70,000 for Adele to preform. Samantha Ronson, who performed with Jimmy Fallon at one of the private dinners, earns approximately $75,000 for a performance. Adele, Hudson, and Ronson were all flown in.
Renting out Balthazar for the two private dinners was estimated to cost around $180,000, while the cost of the Topshop after-party venue – The Box – was around $75,000. It cost another $20,000 for security and equipment, plus the cost of the countless $5 to $500 gift certificates that were handed out, as well as customized Topshop bags.  
The cost of getting Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to appear at one of their shopping events is also estimated to be very high as are the fees of Topshop’s communications and production firm of choice, KCD, all of which puts the cost well over seven figures.