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Shu Uemura’s latest lash collection, “inspired by the infinite wonders of nature”, pits your inner demons against one another.  On one side of the battlefield sits Whimsy, on the other, Practicality. 
Whimsy urges you to consider the sheer joy that you would experience wearing lashes made from real skeleton leaves covered in gold, or how your soul would feel free as a bird if your eyes were surrounded by a flock of feathers.  Or even the effect on your psyche of a trip to the seaside whilst wearing lashes in shades of blue, whose undulating shape mimics the waves crashing against the shore. 
Of course at this point, Practicality, who has been impatiently tapping his foot during these flights of fancy, feels compelled to jump into the conversation and point out a few home truths.  
Home truth #1: You’re a klutz.  And two things that should never be in close proximity, at least for someone with your disability, are glue and eyeballs. 
Home truth #2:  For you “full war-paint” consists of powder and lip-gloss.  Your sole tentative step thus far into the world of eye make-up is a tube of mascara that has been gathering dust in your medicine cabinet for the last three years. 
Home truth #3:  Despite your mental bravado, there are a very limited number of times when you would venture out of the house with an artistic tribute to winter on your eyelids. 
And so Practicality wins this round, but he hasn’t won the war…not by a long shot.