10 Amazing Cuban Contributions to Style

There’s more to fashion than the glamorous bustling sidewalks of New York, Paris or London — classic images that dominate our consciousness at the mere mention of the word fashion. Other meccas of style are often ignored and glossed over to fit fashion’s often Eurocentric narrative. Right now, global trends are being shaped by an overflowing melting pot of cultural contributions everywhere. Designers fervently seek inspiration from all aspects of a society’s culture. Latin America has particularly enriched Western fashion with an endless flow of intriguing looks. Cuba, a country possessed with undeniable resiliency, talent and beauty, is often overlooked in the industry due to complicated political strife and poverty.

But a hopeful gust of change is sweeping through the streets of Cuba. Diplomatic changes and the recent death of the country’s controversial leader, Fidel Castro, has left the industrial doors of discussion widely ajar concerning its future. Until recently, Cuba has been shrouded in mystery and media-generated stereotypes. But with a burgeoning new chapter of its complex history on the horizon, it’s high time we give Cuba its due credit for all its meaningful contributions to the ever-changing world of fashion.