Sparkly Ways to Make Your Apartment New Year’s Eve Toast-Worthy

With the onslaught of spirit for the December holidays, it can be hard to remember that there's another, totally universal year-end event to celebrate: New Year's Eve! Throwing a party yourself this year but not sure how to give your celebration some serious oomph? We hear you. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to ensure that your party is the best of the best. Our favorite way to decorate has stuff coming at you from all angles: low, intimate lighting thanks to candles and their cute holders, cool stuff hanging from the ceiling, and shiny things hanging out all around. Oh, and the sparkles. Don't ever forget the sparkles. You could go crazy with glitter—which, you know, could get super messy—or you could get strategic and grab a few key sparkly elements which will have a huge impact. Whatever way you want to play it, it's going to be super simple to decorate for your killer New Year's Eve party—as long as you stick with us! Click through for our picks.