In Front of the Lens: Josie Maran Tells Us How to Look Good in Any Photo



"What matters the most is that you feel comfortable and good about yourself."

When it comes to taking a great photograph, there are some key things to remember. Avoid colors that are close to your skin tone and the opposite of your undertones and try to avoid horizontal stripes since they are likely to widen your figure. To play it safe, always opt for black; it's a universally flattering shade. I would also suggest reaching for big prints as they tend to conceal your least favorite areas. Remember, however, that what matters the most is that you feel comfortable and good about yourself. I think using clothes to express your personality is the best look of all. 

Aside from clothing, makeup is another important part of taking a good picture. I call my makeup line "beauty without the baggage" for two reasons. First, my makeup is so natural and healthy, you could eat it (in fact, my daughters have tried it several times!). Also, I'm passionate about the idea that wearing makeup should be fun, not a hassle. I like makeup that lets a woman's natural beauty shine through, rather than covering it up. In other words, I'd say, love yourself and your makeup will love your face, which is why I think it's perfect anytime you're in front of the camera. Again, the key is to feel comfortable and worry less about angles and other logistical elements.

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