Insanely Easy DIY Holiday Decorations for People That Don’t Decorate

Decide not to have a tree because you'll be going home for the holidays anyway? Would a box of decorations mean less space for shoes in your storage closet? Don't let empty peppermint mocha cups become the only holiday cheer in your home! We've got DIY decorations so easy that they barely qualify as DIYs.


Glitter Pine Cones

Not very crafty? Here's what you do. Get yourself a can of glitter spray paint. BAM. You are crafty. Once you complete one project, like these glitter pine cones, you will be ready to glitter spray paint everything. After using glitter spray on a wine bottle to make a vase you will feel like a crafting genius. How do you create these lovely glitter pine cones you ask? Lay some pine cones on a piece of newspaper and spray them with glitter spray paint. That is literally the entire process. I decided mine worked well as place cards for Thanksgiving, but now that the holiday is over, they look chic in a bowl on my coffee table.

Cozy Candle

All you need to create a cozy candle holder is a sweater or sock you don't mind losing, a candle and scissors. This can be as luxe or as low-budge as you please — use a Diptique candle and the sleeve of that cashmere sweater the moths got to, or use the top of a sock from Target that got a hole in it and a candle from the dollar store. Or just buy these upcycled felted wool sweater candle cozies on Etsy.

Berry Centerpieces

Never underestimate the impressive power of Stuff Floating In Large Vases. This Handmade Holidays Easy Centerpiece Idea comes from the 33ShadesofGreen Blog. I've done a floating lemon centerpiece in the past that ended up being way easier and prettier than I even expected, but these rosehips or any kind of berry would be a colorful option in drab winter. Basically, buy some oversize vases at the dollar store or craft store, put in a few branches of berries, fill with water and plop in a floating candle. Everyone will be super impressed.




For the uninitiated, there is a whole world out there of "printables." Basically, they're cool designs for all occasions that you can print off the internet. If you do a search for printables on Pinterest, you will be amazed. You'll want to be sure to search for free printables, either on Google or Pinterest, as some designs are copyrighted. But there are plenty that are available for free. Print it out, and you can decide how creative you want to get. You can simply print out a complete design like this one and tack it on your wall for a little holiday cheer. Or print out some words or a design on clear paper, and layer it over coordinating scrapbook paper and mat it in a frame. 

Card Garland

This is so easy and is something to do with those holiday cards that pile up from your bank and dentist before throwing them away. Hang a ribbon or string of any kind (it will be mostly hidden) across a doorway, wall or window. Then, as you receive your holiday cards, simple hang them over the ribbon. If you can't really be bothered with that, buy a pack of variety cards — anything from fancy Papyrus cards, to funny cards off Etsy (NSFW) or a pack you pick up from the dollar store.