They Said That? The Best Celebrity Sex Advice

Olivia Munn, Jessica Alba, Shakira and Zoe Saldana all have at least one thing in common — they're not shy when it comes to expressing their love for love-making, orgasms and sex. Whether it's being an advocate for masturbating, talking dirty or having a one-night stand, these women own their sexuality. We've pulled together some of their best quotes on the subject of physical coupling, and have thrown in other juicy tidbits from celebs, in honor of a day when we're openly celebrating getting it on. 

Let the wisdom of hot celebs get you good and riled up. Oh, and don't mind that quote from Robin Williams in the middle; he may not be a female hottie, but like the others, he (humorously) seeks to speak the truth. And it's one many of us can relate to!