11 Healthy Whole Foods Buys You Might Not Know About

snacks from whole foods

With thousands upon thousands of products lining supermarket aisles it's easy to overlook some healthful gems. We turned to two experts, Dwight Richmond, Whole Foods Market’s global grocery purchasing coordinator and Maren Giuliano, executive global whole body coordinator, to find out about some under-the-radar products you may have missed.

  • YERBA MATE: Guayaki Wild Berry Reishi Yerba Mate Energy Shots are fueled by yerba mate – a plant sourced from South America with naturally uplifting, healthy and nourishing properties. This blend of all organic superfood extracts provides energy without the crash in only 15 minutes. With 12 years in the yerba mate business, Guayaki holds long-term partnerships with farmers that encourage cultivation under native rainforest trees.

  • HEMP HEARTS: Contrary to mainstream belief, hemp has much more than one purpose. Deliciously nutty hemp hearts are incredibly nutritious, packed with more protein and omegas (but less carbs) than the same serving of chia or flax. Simply sprinkle Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts on salad, yogurt or smoothies for an easy nutritional boost.

  • BISON: Source your energy from hearty bison, turkey, beef or lamb with EPIC bars. These bars are 100% grass fed animal based protein that is paleo friendly, gluten-free and low in sugar. For example, the Bison bar is a nutrient-dense, flavorful bar made with bison, bacon and cranberries.

  • CAMU CAMU, BAOBAB, CHLORELLA: One of our most popular juice lines, the Suja Blutrient Juice includes fruits along with baobab, camu camu and chlorella. Camu camu is the next Brazilian fruit superstar, baobab fruit is sourced from trees found in Africa, and chlorella is a type of algae often used for preventing cancer, improving digestion and stimulating the immune system.

  • DANDELION: Despite being recognized as a pesky weed, dandelion also makes for amazing, detoxifying tea. Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Tea is organic and without GMO ingredients. This mildly bitter, roasted root tea helps your body break down fats during digestion and carry away waste, promoting your body’s natural detoxification system.

  • SPROUTED GRAINS: Way Better chips are made with sprouted whole grains, seeds and tortilla chips. Sprouting (the process of germination) unlocks all the “good” inherent to grains, seeds and beans. These Way Better Pita Chips are high in omega-3s, antioxidants and other vital nutrients.

  • SALAD IN A BAG: Go Raw’s Salad Snax packages an organic, raw and ready to eat salad snack in a plastic bag. (It’s a non-perishable salad to-go!) Available in Thousand Island, Original Vinaigrette and Ranch flavors.

  • RICE MILK: As the first sprouted non-dairy beverage on the market, Imagine Food’s Rice Dream Sprouted Rice Milk is organic, non-GMO project verified and dairy-, lactose- and gluten-free. It’s a great alternative to regular milk. Sprouted grains unhand the bioavailabiilty of nutrients in this product and is an excellent source of calcium, VitaminD and B12.

  • NUTRITIONAL YEAST: Popular among vegans as a cheese alternative, this inactive yeast is yellow and has a nutty, cheesy flavor. Sprinkle some on pasta, popcorn or salads for an extra boost of vitamin B12.

  • CHIA: A natural source of healthy omega-3 fats and fiber, chia seeds have been linked to improvements in energy, stabilizing blood sugar, digestion and lowering cholesterol. Their soluble fiber forms a gel that thickens milk or other liquids. You can add flavor with fruits, vanilla or chocolate.

  • BEER SHAMPOO: Beer is the next superdrink for hair! Broo shampoo provides B vitamins, proteins and minerals to make hair strong, healthy and shiny. It’s made with barley, hops and yeast. Different beers produce different results; for example, American Pale Ale is rich in vitamins and mineral silicone to help nourish thin or flat hair. Oatmeal Porter hydrates and India Pale Ale smooths.