Kristin Cavallari: #TBT My Favorite Instagram Moments

I’ve had a pretty eventful life, and I feel so privileged to have had so many wonderful experiences. I’m constantly working and on the go, but it is nice sometimes to slow down and try to remember all the great milestone moments in life. And what better day to do that than #ThrowbackThursday? Uh, maybe #FlashbackFriday, but I like to stick with the original. 

So in honor of #TBT, here are six of my most cherished Instagram moments that I’ll never forget. And for more, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

This is a picture from the second photoshoot I ever did for my Chinese Laundry shoe line. If I had been on Instagram longer, I would have had one from my first photoshoot, which is obviously a bigger deal, but because I’ve only been on Instagram a little more than a year, I didn’t really have that option! This was the day I decided to join Instagram. Because it’s for my shoe line, it was one of those “pinch me” moments because it was so good for me to have that collection. Looking at all the shoes during the shoot was a really cool moment for me.

Obviously, my wedding was such a memorable day for me. The funny story behind this picture is we got married on Saturday, June 8 and the Friday before, my publicist told me TMZ called and knew we were getting married that weekend in Nashville. We were really upset because we thought we had kept it so private. So, what we did is we Instagrammed that picture the day before and said we’d already gotten married to try and throw off the paparazzi. 

That’s the binder from the first The Fabulist show that we ever did. I was really nervous and really excited, and I’m just so thankful and feel so lucky that I have this job because it’s the perfect job for me. It’s once a week in New York, I can fly in and out from Chicago, and I’m gone for 24 hours. My main priority is obviously my family and my kids and I’m able to keep it that way, but still able to do something for me while not being gone for very long. 

I love this picture! It is such a sweet family photo. I actually have it framed in our house — it’s just a beautiful shot. I was pregnant with Jaxon in that photo, so that in itself makes it really memorable.

This was the first runway show where I’d designed anything. It was really exciting. A little scary as well, but I felt like it was a great success. I came out afterward so happy it was over — I had the biggest smile on my face! The Junk Food show was a blast!

This was obviously a life-changing day in our lives. We became a family of four! Jay actually took that photo and set up the picture. I thought he did such a great job, and it was a cute way to do a birth announcement without showing the baby.