The 5 Most Controversial Fashion Ads Ever

When it comes to fashion advertising, you tend to think of pretty imagery with statuesque models prancing around in thousand dollar dresses. Not every designer or fashion house has that idea in mind, though. So, we’ve complied a selection of the most controversial fashion ads to date (because we’re sure there will be even more to come!). 

#5: Miu Miu Fall 2011 with Hailee Steinfeld By Bruce Weber

Controversial Ad Campaigns


Miu Miu fell under scrutiny back in 2011 with its fall advertising campaign. The campaign, which featured actress Hailee Steinfeld captured by Bruce Weber, became a topic of heated debate when a shot surfaced of the then 14 year old sitting on a train track, wiping away what seemed to be a tear from her eye. The Italian fashion house was branded irresponsible for publishing an image showing a child in a dangerous location. But our forum members didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

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