21 Questions with… Nate Berkus


Nate Berkus Head ShotHe may be best known as the former go-to design expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show, but interior designer and author Nate Berkus has been keeping busy since the show wrapped. Recent projects include his own syndicated talk show, a line of home goods and accessories for Target, and designing interiors around the world via his Chicago-based interior design firm.

Curious for lifestyle and design tidbits, we asked Nate our quickfire questions.

  1. I usually wake up around… 8 a.m.
  2. When I get dressed in the morning I think… I’m definitely getting older and did [my husband] Jeremiah take that jacket?
  3. I’d never leave my home without… iPhone and my dog, Tucker.
  4. I couldn’t travel without… Jeremiah and, if I¹m being totally honest, on a long flight, something to help me sleep.
  5. My go-to travel snack is… yogurt.
  6. The last thing I googled was… vintage gold Rolex. I have a slight watch fixation.
  7. If my days had one extra hour… I would be at SoulCycle.
  8. The item of clothing I’m currently wearing most… A.P.C. jeans. 
  9. My guilty pleasure is… noodle kugel. You can’t leave a pan in the same room with me during the holidays.
  10. I’m dying to splurge on… a beach house — maybe that qualifies as more than a splurge.
  11. My biggest home decor pet peeve is… those little clips on drapery rings.
  12. The most treasured home decor item I own is… too many to name…everything has a story.
  13. One thing you might not know about Oprah is… she’s always the funniest person at the table.
  14. The best advice I ever received was… “Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity and connection.” It’s a quote from Brené Brown’s TED Talk.
  15. My favorite hostess gift ideas include… beach towels, linen napkins, a carefully assembled basket of Target items; things that everyone can use in multiples in their home.
  16. My beauty essentials are… Harry Josh’s mint green Pro hair dryer. I use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion at night and Dr. David Colbert’s Illumino Face Oil.
  17. If you looked at my desktop you’d see… on my virtual desktop (iPad), the Trulia app is always open. It’s like magazine reading for me.
  18. I recommend hiring an expert when… always hire experts!
  19. The biggest home decor mistake people make most often is… they buy things they don’t love just to cross them off their list.
  20. When I’m stressed I… can’t fall asleep and make my husband crazy.
  21. What keeps me excited about working in design is… it’s always evolving. A well designed room should be assembled and layered over time.