Get Your Home Holiday-Ready with This Checklist


Photo by Daniel Collopy, Courtesy of HGTV

Stressing out about getting your home ready for the holidays? It goes without saying that cleaning up (and out) is a must, but this year we wanted to go above and beyond to make sure our home is as welcoming as possible — without spending too much money.  We asked HGTV’s Smart Home Expert, Carley Knobloch, to share with us her holiday home checklist.

Buy Extra Board Games

Odds are, the frequency of group get-togethers in your home will be way up come holiday time, so get a bunch of new board games which will encourage people to turn off their screens and play together. Twister, anyone? 

Print Pictures

Time to pull some of those digital photos off the phones and replace the photos around the house with new ones. Get a bulletin board and put it in a communal space like your living room or kitchen; refresh it every once in a while with a collage of new pictures. You can take it one step further and customize the photos based on who is coming over, which is always a fun surprise for guests.

guest towels

image: Getty

Accessorize for Guests

Holidays often mean guests spending the night. Make your friends and family feel like they’re getting the royal treatment by seeking out plush hand and body towels, seasonally scented hand soap and candles.

Clip New Recipes

Create a Pinterest board or an Evernote notebook of recipes you want to try out over the holidays since there is usually more time (and need!) for baking towards the end of the year.

Organize Closets

Most places start to cool down this time of year, so pull out your sweaters and put away the shorts and flip flops. Use clear plastic containers and take pictures of everything inside so you know where things are; then put everything into storage so you have more room for winter clothing (and hiding holiday gifts!).

Holiday Decorations

If you celebrate Christmas, there are the obvious doses of wreaths and trees, but even if you don’t, the holidays are the perfect excuse to splurge on a few more plants and flowers to add to your home collection. Another fantastic and mood-lifting option is to fill the air with a wintry essential oil scent like rosemary and orange; burn some on the stove in hot water and the whole house will smell seasonal.