10 Easy Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like a Home


Good lighting, bright colors and large frames can liven up your space.

Image: Getty

When it comes to home decor, nothing is as bad as walking into a beautiful space and getting a cold, sterile vibe. We’re all busy and many of us are working with a limited budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t infuse our living environment with some joie de vivre. Small details can make all the difference. Here’s a look at easy ways you can liven up your apartment to make it feel like a home. 

Use Textiles to Add Color

End and begin your days on a positive note by choosing upbeat bed linens — this is especially useful if you find it difficult to get up in the morning as bright colors will give you an adrenaline boost.

Think Outside the Box for Storage

Place a bar or kitchen cart in your bathroom for decorative storage. Plant stands also make for useful hair and makeup organization stations and goblets work well to hold makeup wands.

Print Pictures

There are countless websites that easily allow you to create prints of your digital images. Have them framed or create a poster to bring your family and friends into your home, no matter how far away they are.

Swap Blinds for Curtains

Curtains, especially in winter, can add a plush and homey feel. Opt for colors and patterns that won’t show color fading from the sun too quickly to add maximum bang for your buck.

Get a Digital Fireplace

Invest in a digital fireplace instead of a space heater and you’ll have something that’s both visually appealing and functional. For a frugal option, buy a DVD of a burning fireplace and pop it in when you’re lounging about.

Invest in Knickknack Holders

Trays — even ashtrays — are a great way to display special keepsakes.

Hang Super-Sized Mirrors and Artwork

This is especially great for a small space. Surprisingly, many interior designers say that adding jumbo pieces to your wall, especially mirrors, can super-size a small space. Alternatively, you can find a bunch of small art pieces or mirrors and hang them close together to achieve that same super-sized effect.

Add Rugs

Rugs not only muffle sound (your neighbors will thank you), but provide extra warmth and are a great way to add fun colors and patterns to your space. Depending what kind of rug you buy, you can change your entire room without breaking the bank.

Change Your Hardware

Hardware is an easy place to go bold and express your personality. Go for something colorful or cartoonish should you feel so inclined, or go the opposite route with something gilded and refined.

Opt for Cool Lighting

There are few things as brutal to one’s self-esteem as fluorescent lighting, so get rid of all of those bulbs and replace them with more subtle lighting. As an extra touch, LED drawer lighting is a relatively affordable, but luxe addition to your home that will streamline your beauty routine. Lighting is an easy way to express your personality, so invest in shades that reflect your taste.