How to Avoid the Naughty List: The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Parties

Holiday don'ts

Don’t end up in the doghouse this holiday season.

Photo: Getty Images

It’s the holidays! And in this glorious season, comes that oh-so-dreaded event we must all endure: the office party. Whether you actually enjoy it or plan to pound drinks to suffer through it (we don’t recommend doing that), there are some rules to follow to make sure you don’t become office gossip fodder the next day. Before you put on the glittery shoes and fill up the champagne flutes, keep these holiday party dos and don’ts in mind to keep the night chill and your reputation intact.  

Do Dress Festive

This is the time of year to do so, so share the holiday spirit with your style choice. Someone put effort into planning the event and dressing for it is a compliment to the host. 

Don’t Let Your Outfit Steal the Show

Have fun with fashion, but don’t overdo it. If your company is having a swanky soiree, dress up, but keep it in check. A distracting outfit (overdressed, too much skin, holiday overload, whatever) can grab attention in the wrong way. Save silly or risqué styles for events with close friends or themed parties and keep the sexy looks for date night. 

Do Share on Social Media

Lots of events have hashtags. If you’re the planner, come up with a cute name with a coordinating hashtag for your party. Encourage guests to share snaps on social media using the tag and bam, instant photo album. 

Don’t Spend All Night on Your Screen

Spend your attention on the people there. Yes, parties are ideal for Instagramming, limit yourself.  And if your experience is less than holly jolly don’t take to the twitterverse to complain, or it may not be a happy new year. 

Do Network

Holiday get-togethers breed new relationships. It’s a great way to meet people you may not have had access to or may be the right place to run into a contact you’ve been meaning to reconnect with. Bring business cards, a jolly attitude and have a few points about yourself ready to go, such as projects you’re working on or recent accolades, so that it’s easy to naturally bring them up in conversation. Be ready to set up coffee dates for January.

Don’t Make It All About Business

It’s the most wonderful and also the most stressful time of the year. Keep work chat to a minimum and on a positive note. Check complaints at the door and save bigger discussions for a later date. 

Do Loosen Up

It’s called a party for a reason. Some are more raging than others. Say “yes” to wearing reindeer antlers for a photo and “no” to sharing your crazy Coachella stories that aren’t so flattering.

Don’t Let Bubbly Go to Your Head

Keep the libations on lock and limit how much you drink. Many shindigs offer an open bar, with champagne and special holiday drinks flowing freely. Enjoy in moderation and be sure to snack to ensure holiday libations don’t get you too lively. No one wants to be the talk of the office the next day (and that means no making out with anyone in accounting).