New Year’s Resolutions from theFashionSpot Staff

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

It was nice knowin’ ya 2014, but it’s high time we moved on. The year is coming to a close and it’s been sometimes bewildering, always hilarious and often depressing — but eventful…and fashionable. As we at theFashionSpot wrap up the year, we wanted to share with you some of our goals for 2015. Goals that, mind you, we are totally going to meet and keep up throughout the entire year and not give up once Fashion Week comes around in February. We promise.

Without further ado, here are tFS staff’s 2015 New Year’s resolutions:

I plan on having my Oprah year. Seriously. Approach every problem, every obstacle like Oprah. Can you think of a better role model? I didn’t think so! —Amina Akhtar, Editorial Director

Instead of stress-shopping at H&M and Zara every few weeks, I resolve to save that cash for a few quality purchases that’ll last for years instead of shrinking or falling apart in a month. Maybe this is the year I finally get that Rick Owens leather jacket… —Meg Clark, Social Media Manager

My resolution for 2015 is to convince Johan Lindeberg to reinstate Jean 8 in long. I’m lost without it. —Maria Denardo, Fashion Director

I need to get out of my skinny jeans rut and try a new silhouette once in a while. Cook more, eat out less often. And squeeze in a little daily (or weekly!) yoga into my hectic schedule. —Jennifer Davidson, Managing Editor

This is so bad because I’m a beauty editor, but I have to give up cutting my cuticles every time I get a manicure (which is often!). It’s actually illegal in most states! I also plan on getting back into running by purchasing new Lululemon gear for motivation and doing BluePrint’s Excavation Cleanse when I return from vacation. —Adrianna Barrionuevo, Beauty Editor

My resolution is to drink pricier wine more often (though [yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc with seltzer will forever be a weeknight staple), eat more delicious food and date less because the costs always outweigh the benefits. —Jihan Forbes, Staff Writer