14 Rib Cage Tattoos Too Gorgeous to Cover Up

We’re all about tattoos that are clearly visible, like wrist tattoos or finger tattoos. We also can’t resist a tat that you can reveal or conceal depending on your mood. Rib cage tattoos are the perfect example. You can draw attention to your torso ink with a bikini, bra top, a tee with low armholes or a 90s-approved crop top — or you can cover it up with a full-length shirt. Granted, if you get a gorgeous rib cage tattoo, you’ll probably want to turn all of your longer tops into cropped ones with slashes down the sides just so you can show off your ink.

If you’re looking for some ink ideas, there are plenty of stunning rib cage tattoos to get you inspired for your next trip to the tattoo parlor. You can go for a feminine floral design or opt for something bold and bright. The placement of your ink is something to consider, too. While your rib cage is nowhere near as big as your leg, the way you design your tattoo can be totally different. Your ink can snake down your side, cross over to your back or follow a horizontal line along your stomach. There are no rules, just your imagination.

Click through the gallery to get some inspo for your rib cage tat. Good luck trying to decide on just one design.