30 Ear Tattoos That Are as Pretty as a Pair of Earrings

The ear may not be the first spot you think to draw attention to, but it deserves the spotlight as much as your lips or your eyes. When we are looking to bring the focus to our ears, we usually reach for a pair of statement earrings, but a pair of shoulder-grazing earrings isn’t the only way to bring the attention upward. Ear tattoos are another great way to put the focus on our lobes.

The ear may be tiny in comparison to other body parts like the thigh and back, but there is still enough room to play around with different ink designs. You can try a behind-the-ear tattoo, a tat on the inner part of your ear or even on your lobe to mimic an earring. No matter what design you choose, make sure you wear your hair back to properly show off your ink. An ear tattoo is too pretty to keep hidden.

Not sure where to begin? Click through the gallery to see 30 cool ear tattoos to inspire you.

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