37 Flower Tattoos That Are as Beautiful as the Real Thing

We love flowers. Give us any type of flower, in any kind of form and we will be happy. We cannot resist a floral print on a dress, we adore blooms circling our heads at festivals and we especially love receiving a surprise bouquet. Another category we heart is flower tattoos. There are many different kinds of tattoos that are beautiful in their own right, but a floral tattoo design is practically guaranteed to get all of the likes.

Flower tattoos are brilliant because of their versatility. Just think of all of the different kinds of flowers you have to choose from. You can select a single type or you can have as many different flowers as you would find in a garden. A floral tattoo is also stunning no matter where you put it. A bloom on your ear is as whimsical as one snaking down your arm. Then there are all of the different styles you can play with, from minimalist line designs to watercolor ink. One of the best parts about floral tats is you don’t have to be able to identify whether something is a ranunculus or a rhododendron to be able to appreciate their beauty.

Whether you’re looking for some inspo for your latest tat or you just want to see some beautiful (ink) flowers, scroll through the gallery to see flower tattoo designs that are as pretty as the blossoms you would find in a garden.

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