41 Watercolor Tattoos That Are a Work of Art

Watercolors are stunning. We normally associate them with breathtaking paintings and flirty dresses, but they also make for pretty tattoos. If you’re looking for some feminine ink, a watercolor tattoo is just the thing. They’re oh-so dreamy and make us want to pick up a paintbrush and attempt to recreate the work.

As with watercolor paintings, every watercolor tattoo is unique. Some are more dynamic with slashes and splotches of color, while others use softer, more defined shapes. Certain tats add the color all over as opposed to others that completely forget about the color-within-the-lines rule. You also cannot forget about watercolor designs that mix other tattoo styles, like linework or dotwork. No matter what style you select, you always end up with a mini canvas on your arm, back, leg or other body part.

While we’re talking body parts, one other big plus is that a watercolor tattoo can be adapted to suit both areas big and small. Your thigh is just as suitable as your wrist for the ink. The watercolor tattoo possibilities really are endless.

If you want some visual inspiration, click through the gallery to see some stunning watercolor tattoos that will help you plan your next bit of ink.

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